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Welcome to my profile! If you are here you must be looking for the best Boston escort around! Lucky you, that’s me! I’m a bubbly, amazingly hot young escort who loves Boston! I wasn’t born here, but I made it my home. How could you not? It’s amazing! Almost as amazing as me!

As your date I want to show you the best time possible. If we go out, we’re going OUT! I love to have a great time! We can go to the hottest clubs in town and dance the night away. I love to dance, especially grinding. It’s my favorite. Men love to watch me shake my sweet little ass all over the dance floor; once you see it you will understand why!

There aren’t many petite girls with booty’s like mine and you are going to love watching it shake all night long. I get a little touchy feely when I have a few drinks in me, lol. If you want to have even more fun when we dance, buy me a drink!

I also love to go out on fun dates, like dates where we do fun things. I really like going to arcades and stuff and playing games or maybe even bumper cars! The only bummer thing about Boston is that it gets really cold here. If that happens we can always stay in your hotel room and get to know each other a little bit better though! I can warm you up nice and hot even though I’m so small, trust me.

Call me today and let me light your fire!


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