Boston Escorts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Boston Escorts X, we want to make sure you’re able to fully enjoy our girls without wasting your time. To help answer some of the most common questions that we’re asked by clients, we’ve compiled a list of answers so that you can spend less of your time wondering and more time browsing our girls!

The process is simple. Start by reading over our terms of service agreement to be sure that you understand what our policies are before spending time with a Boston escort. After that, you’re ready to browse our girls and pick the one or two that you want to spend your time with.

By reading over our terms before choosing a girl or girls, you help make sure that everyone walks away from the experience happy. We never want to mislead you or set you up with unreasonable expectations. As such, we do our best to explain our services as plainly as possible.

When you book our escorts in Boston, you not booking a woman to have sex with. You are, instead, arranging for us to put you in contact with gorgeous, professional women who will spend time with you however you want her to. Any relations that develop between you and the escort that you spend time with is up to you. Booking one of our beautiful women is more time and cost effective than taking a non-professional woman on a series of dates, and it can eliminate the drama and stress that usually comes with these conventional relationships. In fact, the money that you invest into our lovely ladies is far less than the money that the average person spends to go through the usual dating game. Booking a Boston escort eliminates the hoops required to get close to someone and to convince a girl to go on several dates with you by putting you in touch with a like-minded professional escort that wants to avoid drama just as much as you do. After a few dates with our women, you might never want to return to traditional dating again!

The donations required to spend time with our beautiful women are displayed on their profile pictures when you browse the date categories. Please understand that the rates to spend time with our women are set by us, not the women themselves, and that they cannot change their rates for any customers.

We believe that you will find our rates incredibly affordable when compared to trying to date a non-professional woman of similar caliber. Taking a non-professional woman out for exciting nights on the town, time after time, in effort to get closer to her can often cost twice as much (if not more) than an evening with a Boston escort. Our girls are always happy to spend time with customers and they look forward to each date that they go on!

We ask that you respect the terms of service set down by Boston Escorts X. We will always respect your privacy and your payment information, and we will never sell your information to mailing lists or other services. When you pay for a date with one of our escorts, Boston Escorts X makes sure that you are paying for a top-quality service. We guarantee that you will be satisfied when you cut to the chase and spend time with our women! These ladies are professional entertainers whose jobs are to make sure that your night is as satisfying as possible.

When you book an escort, we provide you with the girl you want, and you can ask her to wear outfits that will fit the date that you are taking her on.

We would never, of course, force one of our girls to wear something that makes her feel uncomfortable, but our girls are incredibly open-minded and they enjoy playing dress-up! They are also glad to talk with you about specific requests before your date begins, so bring it up the moment you speak to her so that she knows what you are wanting. This avoids disappointment and misunderstandings. We are here to please you, and our girls aren’t happy until you are. Additionally, after you’ve expressed your wants and needs, we take it into our hands to provide those services for you with maximum discretion and professionalism.

If you would like to make sure that the escort you want is available on time, every time, you must submit your request for her ahead of time.

Clear communication allows everyone to make sure that our girls’ schedules will line up with your schedule whenever you need some company. The earlier you submit your request for your dream lady’s time, the more likely it will be that we can reserve time for you in her schedule. When you give us advance notice, you’re less likely to have to compromise for another time or escort when you visit Massachusetts.

We ask that you are understanding of our requirement for advance notice. Arranging schedules for so many professionals takes a great deal of time and effort, and though we always make our best efforts to fit everyone’s schedules together, it is a difficult task without advance notice.

Many of our girls are indeed bilingual and you can locate their linguistic skills on their profile pages.

If English is your second language or if you’re bringing in a client from out of country, we will try hard to make sure that you have a Boston escort that can understand everyone. Though we cannot have a girl for every language (that’d be more than 6,500!), we do our best to provide as many women as possible who speak one or two different languages. If it is within our power to match you with an escort who speaks your language, we will make sure that it happens.

Also, please browse our girls profile pages to find the specific enthnicities and features that you seek in a girl. Many men prefer a certain ethnicity of woman, and it’s a completely normal desire that we are happy to cater to here at Boston Escorts X.

We currently only offer female company, but if you contact us we can direct you to reputable escort agencies in Boston that will provide you with a male escort.

Though we do not want to lose your business, or the business of anyone here in Boston, we currently only cater to those looking for discreet female company. In the future, we may provide discreet male company, our business is not currently prepared to expand into the male escort business. Handling male professionals as well as female professionals is another level of business and, for the time being, we are focusing out efforts solely on providing the best possible quality of female company.

Of course you can date a different girl each day that you’re in Boston!

Our Boston girls are completely aware that escorting is a business and that their job is to make sure you’re happy. One of the reasons that dating our girls is better than conventional dating, aside from being more affordable, is that there are no strings attached! Our Boston Escort X girls never get jealous of other women and they understand that your happiness is your business. Pick a girl that will make you happy for each day that you are in Boston, and we’ll make it happen.

Each of our girls are unique and has her own take on Boston. They live active, party lifestyles that expose them to the best Boston hotspots and you can ask a new girl each night to show you her favorite Boston parties. We want you to be as happy as possible when you leave Boston, so you can date as many of our girls as you have time for!

Though we do not want to lose your business, or the business of anyone here in Boston, we currently only cater to those looking for discreet female company. In the future, we may provide discreet male company, our business is not currently prepared to expand into the male escort business. Handling male professionals as well as female professionals is another level of business and, for the time being, we are focusing out efforts solely on providing the best possible quality of female company.

Different Boston customers request difference services and, if we cannot supply a service for one reason or another, we will recommend a quality place that can make you happy.

The best way to make sure that you have a good time with your Boston escort is to establish clear communication from the beginning. We are aware that everyone wants something different from their Boston escort, and we want to cater to everyone’s desires. If you would like to know if a particular service is on the menu, be clear about what you are looking for and we will do our best to find a girl who can fulfill your desires.

Every girl is different and she will offer services that she is comfortable with. No matter what service you’re looking for, you will always be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism, and our girls will always do everything in their power to make you as happy as possible.

You can hire as many Boston girls as you would like!

If your Boston bachelor party is coming up, let us know how many girls you would like to hire and for what days well ahead of time. This allows us to coordinate the girls’ schedules with your schedule and to make sure everyone has a night that they will never forget.

Our girls understand that you’re hiring their services because you want you and your friends to have the time of their lives. They can work separately or together to make this happen.

Some girls are happy to take pictures with their dates, as long as they’re for private use only.

We do request that any photographs that you take are solely for private use and that they are never commercially or publicly available. It would not be fair to our girls if you used them for professional modeling without their consent. If you want to, for example, spend time with a beautiful woman and take pictures so that you can cherish the memory for years to come, though, we have no problem with it.

As long as your Boston girl agrees to take private pictures with you, it’s fine by us. If she does agree to photos, most of our girls are more than happy to be your beautiful private model and to pose in pictures that are your personal trophies.

Pleasure is our business and we can accommodate special requests as needed to make you happy.

Please let us know of any special accommodations that you require ahead of time so that we can make sure our girls come prepared for your pleasure. Our Boston girls are open-minded and most of them love sex toys, so you will find them open to almost any of your suggestions.

Question: Are all the girls in Boston Escorts X over 18?

Answer: Yes — each escort is legally required to be over the age of 18 to work in the Boston area.

At Boston Escorts X, we follow all state and local laws closely and we would never endanger you, ourselves or our girls by providing you with talent under the age of 18. Our girls must provide proof that they are over the age of 18 and we ensure that this paperwork is handled with each girl on our website.

Yes. Escorts are required, by law, to be over the age of 18 in Boston.

At Boston Perfect 10s, we screen all of our girls to make sure that any talent we provide to you is over 18 years of age. We would never put our company, our girls or, most importantly, our clients at risk by working with underage talent.

You can pay for your Boston escort with cash or card.

Services must be paid for up front with your initial donations. If your credit card is declined, we cannot allow you to meet with our girls. We keep all financial information strictly private and we would never disclose your information or the nature of your transaction to anyone. Additionally, we do not store credit card information, so there is no data in our system that a hacker can gain access to

Our services almost never leave clients unhappy, but if you have a unsatisfactory experience, contact us and we will make it right.

We are completely dedicated to making you happy. Customer service is our business, and as our customer, you are welcome to alert us if you are unhappy with our services. Our girls are experts at making men happy and they wouldn’t be in our employ if they weren’t good at their jobs. If for some reason something goes wrong, you can rely on us to make sure that you walk away satisfied, no matter what.

Our Boston girls are legal and you do not have to worry about police interference. What two consenting adults do on their own time is their business.

There is nothing illegal about hiring an escort for a date in Boston or Massachusetts. There is nothing wrong with spending time with an attractive, professional worman and you do not have to worry about police knocking on your door or putting you in handcuffs.

Our girls can provide any experiences that you would like — you only need to ask.

When you take one of our girls out on a date, the only thing that is different is that you don’t have to jump through hoops. Our girls will act exactly how you want them to act. They want to have fun on their dates as much as you do. If you would like a GFE date, your girl for the evening will put you at ease and help you relax by being herself around you. Communicate with your date for the evening and you’ll have the best girlfriend experience of your life!

Yes, we would never break confidentiality by sharing your personal information.

Your security is our commitment and we would never share your information with anyone. By doing business with Boston Escorts X, you can rest assured that we will never share your data or sell your information to any company, for any reason. Your privacy is what makes your visits with our Boston girls possible, and we would never do anything to get in the way of that.

Our Boston girls love their work and they always make sure that they give their dates their best!

In a society where everyone is expected to look like a celebrity, it’s common to feel like you can’t get an attractive woman to like you, but that’s not true! Our Boston girls provide the same services to everyone, and they’re just happy that you want to spend your valuable time in their company. Your escort will be happy with you no matter what because your pleasure is her business.

If you would like to tip your Boston girl for her services, just let her know!

We would never stand between the relationship you and your Boston escort share, and if you want to reward her for being amazingly beautiful and intelligent, you’re more than welcome to! Tip your girl as you see fit. Your tip is outside of your donation agreement, and it is a polite way of providing your Boston girl with feedback that lets her know you enjoyed her company.

We welcome you to share our services with your friends!

Word of mouth is the best marketing a business can have, especially after one of our girls makes you happy. If you loved your experience with your Boston escort girl, we ask you to tell anyone who would be interested in your experience. We have girls for everyone and we can’t wait to make the next customer happy!

One or two drinks are just fine, but we’d never want our girls to be too buzzed to please you!

Having a drink with a beautiful Boston lady is one of the best ways to spend your nights, but our girls will not drink until they are drunk. There’s nothing wrong with loosening up with a few drinks, but an escort who is passed out or throwing up will not be able to do her job. Your night will go much better if you can both remember what happened the next morning.

Our website is full of lovely ladies that will fulfill your wants and needs.

If one of our girls isn’t available, you can compare her to other Boston girls that will make you just as happy. Scheduling well in advance will help eliminate the risk of not getting the girl you want, but we understand that perfect scheduling is not always possible. We’re constantly bringing in new, beautiful girls for you to pick from and we’ll help you find the perfect date for every occasion.

You can enjoy the company of as many girls as you would like!

Boston Escorts X is here to cater to your fantasies and, if your fantasies involve more than one girl, then we’ll make it happen! Can you image what it would be like to have the attention of two, three or even four of our girls completely focused on you? Customers who have experienced this are blown away by their night and they often come back to try out even more girls for different, more pleasurable experiences.

If you schedule in advance, you can have as many recurring dates with our Boston ladies as you would like!

Out Boston girls love going out to lunch or dinner with their clients and nothing would make them happier than a recurring date for delicious food. Like any girl, our Boston girls like to do nice things and nobody likes to be lonely. Anyone who sees you out with this beautiful lady will know that you attract lovely women and that you are well worth her time, every single week!

Word of mouth advertising and hotel service lists are some of the best ways to find out about escorting services.

We try to make our services easy to find for anyone interested in spending time with an escort. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising you can find, so if you know anyone in the Boston area who regularly sees an escort, they’d be a great place to start looking. You found us, though, and we’re happy that you’re here!

We can provide as many girls as you would like, to whomever you would like!

Just like ordering company for a party, just make sure that you schedule time with your girls in advance and let your friend know that you’ll have beautiful dates on your arms. The experience that the both of you have with your girls is entirely up to you and your friend, so have fun with it! Our girls will be there for your pleasure.

We have never had a problem with our girls and we promise that you’ll be safe with our girls. The experiences people have on websites like Backpages and Craigslist, and the experiences that you see in the movies, are never representations of what spending time with an escort is actually like. Our girls are Boston professionals who have been screened and are strictly monitored when they go out with clients. If anyone ever had a negative experience that made them feel unsafe with our girls, she would immediately be removed from our employ. Simple as that.